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Question asked by Roel Kersten on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by Brian McEwen

Hello fellow solid-workers.


I have an assembly (A), build up out of several sub-assemblies (B). All sub-assemblies (B) are similar, except they have different configurations. Each configuration consists out of supressed and un-supressed parts. also there are various parts which are present in all sub-assemblies (B).

Now I want to create a standard sheet, becouse this assembly (A) will be used in several projects, only with a different number of sub-assemblies (B) with different configurations.


for example:

Assembly (A) has 12 sub-assemblies (B) with configuration 1, and 4 sub-assemblies (B) with configuration 2.

Sub-assembly (B) configuration 1 contains 2 parts (X), 1 part (Y) and 4 parts (Z)

Sub-assembly (B) configuration 2 contains 1 part (X), 4 parts (Y) and 4 parts (Z)


I want to know how many parts (X), (Y), (Z) and how many of each configuration there are in the whole assembly (A), and not have them listed for each sub-assembly (B) seperately.


How can I create a BOM which counts the number of configurations (this part I know), but also counts the number of similar parts used by these configurations.


Thank you in advance.