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    Graphics card certification.

    Alan Metcalfe

      How well are graphics cards tested for SolidWorks to certify them?


      I have just received a Dell Vostro PC with Win7Pro 64bit, 8Gb of RAM and an NVIDIA 400 (with 512Mb on board) using SolidWorks 2012 SP2 64bit.

      The Graphics card has a better spec than my previous one, yet displays strange effects such as :-


      1) Hover over a 'part' and a text box appears i.e. 'Cut-Extrude 1' hold down the middle mouse button (under the wheel) and move the mouse and instead of the whole part rotating the part can be seen rotating in window left by the text box.
      2) Occasionally drop shadows remain after on screen text boxes have gone.
      3) On clicking the 'Exit Sketch' button lines of the sketch disappear but the dimension text remains.


      A Rebuild or Screen refresh such as zoom will correct the display but, I had expected better from a certified card, and the driver from SolidWorks.


      Comments please.

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          Anna Wood

          Be sure to have a Windows Aero Desktop Theme enabled.  What you describe with the dialog boxes is a symptom of having it disabled?


          Also make sure you have your Windows Power Options set to High Performance in the Windows Control Panel.


          Are you running an approved graphics car driver from the SolidWorks website?


          What CPU did you spec with your system?  The CPU has a big affect on the overall computer performance including the graphics display capabilities.


          How feature rich and big are the assemblies you are creating in SolidWorks?  The Quadro 400 (assuming that is not a typo and you don't have a Quadro 4000) is a bit on the light side for SolidWorks.  If you are working on big assemblies and like to have a lot of files and programs open all at once that could be an issue for you.