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    EPDM Template Mapping

    Kevin Stickels

      I am creating another template that populates a form. In my other templates, I created the folder which contains the form. In this instance, I would like to track the template file to specific folders. I have created a template called, "Sample Build Request". Each "SBR" is usually assigned (but not always) to a particular project. Is there an "easy" way to use user input to map the template to specific project folders?



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          Tim Read



          You can do this by having a List generated from an SQL query that contains all of the "Active" project folder names or Project Names or any other thing that exists in the Database. Then you add a drop down list on your template card that lets the user select the project folder - this gets assigned to a Temporary variable in the template. You can use this Temporary variable for creating (& naming) Folders / Documents or just to add information to the "SBR" document datacard.