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Shortcut to EPDM 2012 Integrated Search

Question asked by Amos Avery on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by Amos Avery

In using EPDM 2012 sp1 I've learned (the hard way) that tasks do not execute from a right-click menu when using the standard search.exe tool.  They do work, however, if executed from the new integrated search tool.  SolidWorks is working on the bug.  I want to know if anyone has a way to create a desktop shortcut to an explorer window with the integrated search option activated?  I know how to make a shortcut to an explorer window with a vault folder.  I know how to make a cool shortcut to the search.exe tool with all of the handy options.  I'm not sure how to combine the two.  For the reasons mentioned above (and the fact that the integrated search tool seems to work better because it keeps the same interface), I need such a shortcut.