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Search for multiple files from different folders

Question asked by Tanner Moore on Feb 27, 2012
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I'll start by apologizing if there is already a thread on this. If there is, I was unable to find it.


I am a CNC programmer who is responsible for taking part drawing files and nesting and coding them for our CNC router. Recently some of our designs have become much more complex and sub assemblies, as well as their parts and part drawings are now being saved in multiple folders under the main job number. In order to program the parts I am responsible for, I now must gather my drawing files from different folders, sometimes requiring me to open 10 or more folders just to gain access to 20-30 files. The process has become quite cumbersome and I would like to simplify it. I've discussed having the designer copy the files I need to a separate folder but that notion was not well received.


Can I use EPDM to search for multiple files from multiple folders all at once? If I could somehow have the computer automatically populate a list of parts by serial number that would be really helpful and would save me a lot of time. Even if EPDM will not work this way, does anyone have a suggestion about how I may take a different approach?