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    Instructional Use Only

    Barton Carter

      I am having an issue creating new part files in SW 2012 SP2. I previously had a version of SW for students installed for demonstration purposes. I completely removed all copies prior to installation of SW. When I create a new part though, I am getting an error indicating that the part I just created is for educational purposes only (see attached image).  Anybody have any ideas or run up against this before? 


      SW Instruction Use Error.JPG

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          Lars Christensen

          Hi Barton,

          I hope you are doing well.

          1st. thing to check.

          2-25-2012 11-19-52 AM.jpg

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              Barton Carter

              Hi Lars,


              Thanks for that.  I was opening parts that I created with the educational version and getting that warning, which makes sense.  So i tried making a new part unrelated to the others parts I had created, and saved it in a new directory, but still getting the same error.


              That message mentions the Educational Template, I don't see anything about an Educational template either in the drop down in the "Save" window.  Could it be in the template?  I have two different template files in Program Data/Solidworks  2011 and 2012 and 2012/templates is empty.


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                  Lenny Bucholz

                  the problem is when you installed the commercial version of SW2012 the template files were not overwritten so they are still educational templates so even if you start new they are always educational. you need to delete them and get new ones from someone that are from the commercial version.


                  or uninstall and delete all registery and folder containing SW and re-install SW, simpliest way just get new templates




                  I know because it happened to me, I broght templates home from ASU and used them in my commercial seat and got the water mark on my drawings.