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    Solidworks view not updating.

    Pedro Dreyer



      I have the student version of solidworks 2011 sp2. While it runs fllawless in my desktop I have some problems while using it in my nootbook.


      When I have more than one piece opened if I try to change the window I am seeing, the view does not update. I mean solidworks seems to go to the other part as the feature managger updates for axample,  but I am still seeing the frozen photo of my previous part. This continues until I close the part that I last  opened or I hit the F11 key.


      Here is some pictures to try to illustrate the problem:


      1) create part1.


      2)create part 2.



      3)Then I try to return to part1.


      4)The feature manager updates but the view (frozen) remains the same.



      5) When I hit F11 the view updates.



      I hope that I was clear enough.

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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          Interesting how F11 refreshes your screen. F11 usually toggles the full screen mode.


          I would say it sounds like you are having a memory issue.  Looks like your notebook

          does not have the cabability to run more then one open file at a time.

          How much memory does your notebook have?

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Hi Pedro,


            F11 puts you into full screen mode (notice the top menu bar is partially hidden) and at the same time, refreshing the graphics area (since it needs to resize). There are probably many other ways to "shock" the graphics area into updating too. But, the fact that the graphics area is not updating is likely a clue to what the problem is. My guess is either your graphics card on the notebook is not supported or does not have the latest supported driver. If you run SolidWorks Rx under Start, All Programs, SolidWorks 2011, SolidWorks Tools and go to the Diagnostics page, it should give you information about your graphics card/driver. There is a link in that section to the graphics card driver page on our website where you can check for compatibility and drivers. Here is a direct link: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html


            I hope this helps,


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              Pedro Dreyer

              Hum, didn't know that the F11 key put you in fullscreen mode. To little of a difference for me to notice I guess.




              my notebook have 4 gig of RAM so I don't think that is the issue




              I already knew that my graphic card isn't supported. Here is a pic of the Solidworks Rx




              My surprise is that all my colleagues here in my college, run solidworks on similar machines without having any video problems. I going to try to update the video card driver to see if anything changes.


              Thank you for the responses.

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                  Scott McFadden


                  If others are using the same device that you are with no issues, then what makes me wonder

                  is if it is your install.  Not sure how to do this on a notebook, but maybe a complete uninstall and

                  a fresh install will do it.  You don't happen to have other Solidworks versions on your notebook do you?

                  Can you think of anything that might be loaded on yours and not on your fellow students?  Like anti virus software

                  or something?

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                  Pedro Dreyer

                  I'm glad to say that I updated my video card driver and the problemed was solved. Sorry to bother you all with such a simple problem


                  Thank you.