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    Windows 7 x64 - WITH XP MODE

    Rick McDonald

      Does anyone have knowledge or experience on Windows 7 Pro - with XP MODE?


      Does other software truly think it is running on XP or is it just like the compatibility mode?

      We tried to load Inventor 11 on a system with Windows 7 pro x64 and it wouldn't even start to load because it said it was not compatible.


      We are upgrading to new workstations that will use Windows 7 Pro.

      Our dilemma is that we have some old software that will not run on Windows 7 and it can not be upgraded.

      One of these is a firmware programming and burning software program that is old and we even had trouble setting up in Windows XP Pro.

      We had to run this in compatibility mode and it is very intermittent even then.


      We are hoping we can use the "with XP MODE" version of Windows 7 pro rather then have to use a dual boot configuration.

      We just don't know the details of XP MODE.

      From what we have seen, it opens a window within Windows 7 and the software thinks it is in XP.

      But is it really!?


      Any elaboration would be extremely helpful.



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          Wayne Tiffany

          XP mode is actually a virtual machine that is running on XP.  So it runs in a separate window and has some of the feel of running by remote desktop.  So an app that is running in that space is actually running in XP.  You also need to keep that installation updated as well as the Win 7 updates.



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              Rick McDonald

              Thanks Wayne,


              So it looks like Duel boot is obsolete in Windows 7 as long as the "With XP MODE" package is used.


              Strange that - since it costs nothing extra for the "With XP MODE" package - Microsoft would even make 2 different packages rather then just default to the "With XP MODE" package.


              Do you know if The XP Mode virtual machine would be running as 64 bit (like the Windos 7 package it is part of) or if it runs in 32 bit mode?



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                  Anna Wood

                  I beleive it is 32 bit Windows XP after checking a co-workers machine that has it installed.


                  You can setup a dual boot is you wish with Windows 7.  There are definate advantages to that over a virtual machine.


                  XP mode in Windows 7 will not be speedy and will have some graphics limitations since it is a virtual machine.  As Wayne says it feels like you are running a remote desktop session into your own computer.  You are definately running Windows XP.





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                      Rick McDonald

                      Thanks Anna,

                      I guess my comment to Wayne that Dual boot is obsolete was definately a wrong conclusion.


                      I have not yet done a dual boot system.

                      I am assuming each Windows version is a full install in different partitions and to switch you restart the computer and select what version to boot into - is that true?


                      Can you tell me any other plusses or minuses with dual boot?


                      We would hope to use Windows 7 most of the time and then switch when needed.


                      I am new to the blogging arena but have noticed several of your past posts on various subjects.

                      I also posted a message relating to the workstation computers we are looking at and would like your input on them.

                      As a new poster I am not sure how to link that message to you so I will try to paste a link to the thread here - don't know if you will be able to use it.



                      Thanks for your input.


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                          Anna Wood

                          Yes, a dual boot is set up on two different partitions.  When you start your computer you need to specify which boot to run.


                          A dual boot system is not a virtual machine.  You are will get all the power of the system with full graphics and memory capability.


                          I would test a Window XP Mode setup.  If that doesn't work you can do a dual boot.  You will have to buy a seat of Windows XP.