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    PDF Creation and Watermarks

    Dwayne Quatier

      I looked through the forum for an answer to this and really didn't find what I was looking for so I hope someone might be able to help me out here.


      I need to be able to mark the "official" output of a SolidWorks drawing that has been approved in EPDM with a permenant watermark that shows two things: 1) The phrase "Production Released" and the date when the drawing changed state to released. The ultimate would be to have a a task kick off that would generate PDF of the drawing and pass the phrase and date from a variable in EPDM and save the file to a central network directory. In the short term I wouldn't mind just being able to right click on a file and kick this event off.


      I also want to understand what SolidWorks uses to create a PDF. It looks like there is a SolidWorks PDF tool that is being used in the Save As command which seems to give the best looking PDFs. If this is what would be used in the Convert Files Task operation then what application could be called by EPDM after creating the file that could then retreive the new PDF and apply a watermark?



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          Brian Dalton

          Your best bet may be to have the watermark placed on the SW drawing itself, using a text annotation that is linked to a variable.  That way you could programmatically change the text of the watermark to whatever you want before you have the PDF made, then change it back or make it blank.

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              Dwayne Quatier

              Thanks for the suggestion Brian. I have had several people propose the same solution. This might work if the variable could be tied to the EPDM status when the PDF is printed. It is sort of a partial solution also since the PDF is still not official until it is put into another document control system where it is available to the entire organization.


              I'll start working on a variable setup if I can find out how to address EPDM information and use this method until I can find a way to automatically mark PDF files when printed from SolidWorks and then in our other system.

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              Ravi Teja

              Hi Dwayne,

                             To generate PDF automatically you can use EPDMs Covert task.For watermarking .Braian has already Suggested a good solution.






              Ravi T