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    Dxf won't save splines as polylines

    Peter Muesch

      I am using SW 2012 SP2.0.

      I am trying to save a dxf that has splines in it. I would like those splines to convert to polylines. In the save as dialog box, under options I have export splines as polylines checked. But when I save the dxf it still exports the splines as splines. I have tried saving in the drawing and in the part. I haven't had this problem until I upgraded to 2012. Has anyone else had this problem. Am I missing something?

      Simple way to see if you have the same problem. In part create an ellipse and save as a dxf with splines to polylines checked.

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          Dan Hedges

          I had the same problem with SW 2010, the "save splines as ploylines" option didn't work for DXF or DWG, splines were still being saved as splines.  The next day it worked so I didn't think about it until I got a new PC a few weeks later and it happened again.  It seems, in my case at least, the option to save splines as polylines does not work until you change the setting and then restart SolidWorks.


          There are other posts on the forum that point out this spline to polyline option only works when creating DXFs from drawings, it does not work when creating a DXF from a solid part.