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Help with filled surfaces

Question asked by Ben Cairns on Feb 23, 2012
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im having some problems working with filled surfaces that i havent experienced before and wondering if anyone could point out where im going wrong?


im trying to reverse engineer a motorcycle rear light unit. i am using a base sketch and multiple constraint curves on planes running perpendicular to the base sketch so what i basically have is a shell of the light lens.


when i try to use the filled surface command im using the base sketch as the patch boundary (sketch is closed and should work fine). the preview then shows the surface being patched however as soon as i select any of the constraint curves (which are pierced into the base sketch at any relevant points) the preview disappears which would suggest the issue is with the constraint curves. if i continue regardless and select all of the constraint curves or indeed i have tried selecting just one to see if i could get a result, it gives me the error "the patch could not be created. Try a different curvature method, alternate face or surface quality setting".


I have tried playing with these settings but nothing seems to help.


does anybody have any idea why im getting this error or perhaps if there is a better way to go about creating a skin for the part.


i have attached a screen dump of the sketches and error.


Any help would be much appreciated