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Discussion created by Peter De Vlieger on Feb 23, 2012
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Is it only us here or do others too suffer from a very noticeable diminished stability of the routing module ?


It seems to have improved with SP2 but it's still no where near where it was with SW2011 S2 (let alone it's later SP's)


Add to that the hit and miss if something will snap to a certain object or routing point and the fact that sometimes one can be busy for 15 minutes just so that a particular valve would finally end up there were it's supposed to.

Or that you get a "drag and drop failed" afterwhich you have to shut down solidworks completely, restart it, open the assembly again and hope that this time it won't happen or doesn't happen the second time you want to put a second instance of a fitting in.

Or that suddenly design tables need to be rebuild because else certain parts are missing configs resulting in a 3" pipe having 5" elbows - T's and flanges.

Or relationships that out of the blue decide to not only flip but have a completely different distance between them then was ever specified.



Does any of these sound familiar to you ?