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    2/22/12: Anybody have trouble starting their machines?

    John Burrill

      A couple of users at my office had problems this morning.  We all have Windows 7 64Bit.

      After logging on, I had two black screens with a cursor.  I had to force it to shutdown and then reboot it and it came up OK.

      My boss and our marketing guy couldn't get outlook or internet explorer to launch.  My boss had to reboot twice before it worked normally as did our marketing guy.

      I remember that my Win 7 64bit machine at home didn't want to shut down nice the other day and yesterday it said it finished installing updates.

      Every body's machine seems to be working normally, but I was wondering if there was a flaky update or something.

      Another commonality; we're all using Lenovo Laptops, though we're not all using the same model.

      Just curious