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    PDF Struggle

    Joseph Lord



      My solidworks has started to be very slow at generating PDF's.


      It can take 5-10 mins when saving a drawing as a PDF, or to check a drawing into the vault.


      It has the same problem with Adobe 9 and 10.


      I can save other documents like word documents a s PDFs fine, so it must be solidworks.



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          Greg Hynd

          Install a pdf printer and use print to pdf, you will get better results. Try pdf redirect.

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              Joseph Lord

              I have CutePDF, and this does work quickly.


              I still have the problem of checking into the vualt, as we require PDFs to be generated as it does this. I had one drawing which took 20 mins.

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                  Scott McFadden

                  I agree with Greg.  You can print to pdf then save that print file and check that into the vault.

                  Curious, since the PDM has a pretty good viewer why do you need to check pdf's into the vault as well?

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                    Joseph Lord

                    Solidworks can automatically generate a PDF on check in which 'hides' behind the actual drawing. You right click on the drawing in the vault and select 'view as PDF'


                    This makes it easy to view a drawing without dragging the part and drawing out of the vault.


                    I also would not like to manually manage a PDF as you suggest as it is more work.

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                        Scott McFadden

                        It has been a year since I have seen the PDM vault, but from what I remember the viewing

                        of the drawings in SW Explorer was never an issue.  Now maybe this setting that you speak of was set already and I

                        was not aware of it, but being a former administrator I clearly don't remember such a setting.  I would try unchecking it

                        and see if the viewer (which I think is e-drawing viewer) works that way you need it to and will do the trick.

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                    Peter Gumprecht

                    Hello Joseph,

                    Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

                    We also create a PDF for every drawing we have but we place them in a network folder for any person to view.

                    Every time a revision is made we place the old rev into a separate archive folder and replace it with the new PDF.

                    By storing the PDF's in the vault you limit the accessibility/visibility of them. Our PDF's are stamped as

                    "uncontrolled". What is controlled is the actual SolidWorks dwg file and it is only accessed by appropriate

                    engineering personnel responsible for maintaining/revising them.

                    I understand this won't work for everyone but it works great for us. Hope this helps.





                    ps. like others we use a separate PDF maker not the SolidWorks one.

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                      Andy Sanders

                      Be careful of your PDF export settings.  If you are using color views, and using some of these settings, it can increase time to write out the pdf.


                      Try turning off shaded views in your drawing (if you're using them) and playing with these output settings.


                      pdf output.JPG