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Really annoying 2011 SP 5.0 Change State Issue -FYI

Question asked by Corey Hinman on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by Brian Dalton

I just finished upgrading to 2011 SP 5.0 to fix a decimal truncation issue, and now my users are seeing "no rights to change state". This is a known issue according to solidworks


After upgrade to 2011 SP5 or 2012 SP0, some users with restricted workflow state access for earlier versions now see warning "No rights to get latest or attached version" using Get Latest Version or Change state. Issue happens when logged in user lacks read permission in the state where revision is assigned to version of file. Can be reproduced in default vault as follows: 1. Create a user or group and assign full folder permissions. Assign full transition permission. Assign read and check out permissions to all states except 'Approved'. 2. As Admin, log into vault. Add and check in assembly and references. 3. Change state to 'Approved' via 'No approval required' transition. This should assign revision A to version 2/2. 4. Change state to 'Under Change' via 'Request change'. The history now shows that revision A was assigned to previous state 'Approved'. 5. Log in as the other user in step 1. - Get latest version and check out fails with 'No rights to get latest or attached version'. - Change state fails with 'No rights to change state'. - If user is given read permission in "Approved" state it works.


So what I had to do was ensure that the Designers and Engineers had Read File Contents checked on any state, and any workflow that an item has gone through. sigh....