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    SolidWorks enterprise PDM

    Bobby Penland

      Can the SolidWorks enterprise software reside on a server in one city while the data base (CAD files) exists on a server in another city? If so, will vault replication copy the database to other replicated servers throughout the world while users worldwide pull licenses from the server where the software resides?

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          Michael Dekoning



          With Enterprise PDM there is only one SQL Server database that contains all of the information about the files. It is accessed by all users and the licenses are controlled by it. The files themselves reside on file servers which can be located in various locations, and some or all of the files are replicated on a scheduled basis between the servers. The advantage is that when a user at a location needs to get a file to work on it, it is copied over the local network not the wide area network. Hope this helps.



          EPDM 2011 SP2

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            Wayne Matus

            With EPDM you have replicated vaults, not replicated databases. So yes you can have the database at one location and vault (Archive Server) at another location. The database server is the one that manages the licenses. It is a client server application so all client computers actually have the client software installed.


            Basically the clients communicates with the database server and their local archive server. The database server communicates with all the clients and all archive servers. Clients get information about the files from the database server including if the file is on their local archive server. If the file is not on the local archive server and the file is needed by a client, it will copy it from another archive to the local archive server and then to the client computer.

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              Bobby Penland


              The repiles were a big help. We should be moving from work group PDM to enterprise PDM. How can I tell how many files are in workgroup PDM so I can begin planning a migration plan?

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                  Daen Hendrickson

                  One method is to run a report from PDM Workgroup.


                  From either SW Explorer or the PDM vault view in SW, click on the reporting icon.


                  Depending on the size of your vault, the time to process the report can be lengthy. Even though you want numbers for the entire vault, I suggest you right mouse click on a subproject in the vault you know to have very few files and select reporting. This will allow the query to run fairly quickly and display the Reporting Window. Since you will most likely need to make adjustments to the report, there is no sense waiting for the entire vault to report just so you can make changes and run the whole thing again.


                  With the reporting window open, select the top level item in the Vault View. In our vault it is My Vault (server name/username). Adjust the Output Window Options. In particular, set the "show file types:" to capture all the files you want to move to EPDM. At the very least "SolidWorks Only" and most likely "All."


                  Click the update button and go get some coffee. Depending on the size of your vault, you might want to go get lunch, or go home for the evening.


                  Once the report has run, the margin at the bottom of the reporting window will show the number of items captured in the Output Window. This will be a count of items in your vault.


                  Something to consider: the report will also capture NON-Revision managed things such as toolbox parts or network library parts that are not in the vault. There is probably a much simpler way but this is what came to mind.