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    'Extrude cut' in an assembly. Disjoint body error occurs?

    Hadleigh Murad

      Hello all,


      I am making an extruded cut in an assembly.


      The rectangular cut boundary sketch surrounds the parts that need to be chopped. - See picture below



      SW - photo of disjoint body.jpg





      However, the cut does not cut through one of the components as the picture below shows.



      SW - photo of disjoint body (2).jpg





      Also i have found this is spr  189296.


      SPR bug - Disjoint body from cut.jpg





      Would anyone know a way around this?

      Many thanks.

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          Scott McFadden


          When you create the cut in the dialog window this part is not excluded is it?

          I am guessing that the results may be unfavorable if it does cut through.

          Basically some geometry that SW will have difficulty creating.

          Try creating a smaller cut box in a different location and see if that works.

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              Hadleigh Murad

              Hi Scott,

              The part isn't excluded, apologies for not showing feature scope showing all components instead of selected components, typically i usually just click on the defined sketch and normally works without fault.

              The cut does look dodgy, but i would need to cut halfway through this assembly to fit another component on top which has already been created to fit.

              Thank you for your suggestion Scott, i have also tried to create planes, offset planes with that sketch, cut backwards but all to no avail but will keep trying.



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              Hadleigh Murad

              First, i cut the individual components by sketching on face and converting entities, cut extrude > length.



              Cut extrude with sketch.jpg



              After all the components are cut back, i proceed by sketching a horizontal line to where i need the cut
              to be created.


              Cut sketch.jpg



              Worked for me ->


              Successful cuts.jpg



              hope this helps future users
              if they run into a similar problems with disjointed body cuts.



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                Tom Gagnon

                Old post, repeated problem. FYI status; not particularly asking for solution.


                This (sheet metal shelter house) assembly was stable for several iterations with a Cut-Extrude to trim wall heights to implement roof slope before its trim and roof are placed and mated. This time after editing a part (roof panel, excluded from cut scope), it began throwing out this error for dozens of wall parts, consecutively and repeatedly upon further work (mates, etc). It's particularly annoying to need to hit [OK] 30-ish times in the pop-up error box before continuing work, only to have to do same again. This isn't even a longer variant with many more wall pieces, so I guess it could be worse.


                I'm making a workaround instead, and suppressing the cut only to proceed with other aspects of the assembly. I'll recreate the cut from scratch if needed, as its sketch and scope are both very simple to recreate.


                Edit: I did recreate the sketch and its cut, but it still failed on one component repeated two dozen times. I decided to forget using the cut, and instead added a cut length configuration for that component and used it on the low wall.

                The failing component is darned simple, so I don't think there's much to check for error-causing entities, but I'll attach it anyway.