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Why force single use of a drawing view...

Question asked by Powell Barber on Feb 20, 2012
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I am trying to understand, in a general way, why SW seems to enforce a "single use" policy of drawing views in the view palette.


Once a drawing view is used on a sheet, it becomes unavailable for future use.  I understand that deleted views can be restored by refreshing the view palette.  I also understand that one can copy and paste views, albiet with severe limitations.  (annotations are carried along as well)


I guess my question is, why is SW doing this at all?  Is there some "best practice" regarding drawings that I'm unfamiliar with?


Why not allow re-use of views on multiple sheets?  Or am I missing something obvious...


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Through a refined search of this forum, I have just discovered the INSERT -> DRAWING VIEW -> MODEL command, which does allow insertion of a redundant view.  This solves my immediate problem, but it would still be interesting to know why SW seems to discourage this by removing views from the View Palette when used.