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    Why force single use of a drawing view...

    Powell Barber



      I am trying to understand, in a general way, why SW seems to enforce a "single use" policy of drawing views in the view palette.


      Once a drawing view is used on a sheet, it becomes unavailable for future use.  I understand that deleted views can be restored by refreshing the view palette.  I also understand that one can copy and paste views, albiet with severe limitations.  (annotations are carried along as well)


      I guess my question is, why is SW doing this at all?  Is there some "best practice" regarding drawings that I'm unfamiliar with?


      Why not allow re-use of views on multiple sheets?  Or am I missing something obvious...


      Thanks in advance,






      Through a refined search of this forum, I have just discovered the INSERT -> DRAWING VIEW -> MODEL command, which does allow insertion of a redundant view.  This solves my immediate problem, but it would still be interesting to know why SW seems to discourage this by removing views from the View Palette when used.

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          Howard Gibson



              Are you trying to do two identical projections off the same view?  I can do that here on 2011.  I just click on the parent view and click on the Projected View icon. 

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            Adrian Velazquez



            I think SolidWorks just cleans-up the work area by removing the already used views from the view pallet. I see it more a precausion to avoid dragging in the same view twice by accident. I don't see any "Forcing" at all, if that where the case than the Refresh or any of the other methods of re-inserting a view already in a drawing would work.


            Just my Two Cents...

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                Scott McFadden

                My experience has been what Adrian described.

                Regardless you are not land locked into anything.  You can recreate the same view if you

                absolutely need to.  Not sure why you would.  I would think this would throw confusion into the mix

                with out some extensive drawing explanations.

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                  Powell Barber

                  Hi Scott, Adrian,


                  It felt forced until I found a way to do it using the INSERT -> DRAWING VIEWS -> MODEL command.  Once I found that, I realized that SW was not preventing me from doing it.


                  The reason that I wanted to do this was so that I could put the same view, on multiple sheets, but w/ different detail and/or section views.  Those of you who are real CAD jockeys w/ large format printers won't have this problem, but when you're limited to 8 1/2 x 11, trying to get all the clarity you want can be difficult.


                  Adrian may be correct in that SW is just trying to reduce confusion.  I think it might be convenient however if I could perhaps CONTROL - DRAG views from the View Palette if I know (or think) that I might need them again.

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                  Erik Bilello

                  Which version of SW are you using?  In 2012 there is a refresh button on the View Palette.  I believe it is new for '12 but don't know for sure,  we skipped over '11.  When I started the View Palette had not been introduced, so I never saw the removal of views as you used them as anything but a minor anoyance in a redundant (though convenient) new feature.

                  As far as I know there are no "best practice" rules that discourage using the same view twice if you need/want to.

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                      Powell Barber

                      Hi Erik,


                      I'm using 2011 right now.  It is my understanding that the refresh button will only retrieve drawing views that were placed and then deleted.  If you don't delete the drawing view - if you leave it on a sheet, the refresh button will not put it back in the palette - at least that's been my experience.

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                          Frank Krockenberger



                          You can also Copy/paste the view.



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                              Powell Barber

                              Hi Frank,


                              I indicated that I was aware of the copy/paste option in my OP.  However, when I tried to do this, I found that annotations created and associated with that view were also copied and pasted.


                              While some annotations could be easily removed, (eg, hiding dimensions) some could not.  In my case, I had made a section view on my first drawing.  When I copied to a second sheet, the "A-A Section View" line came with the view and I was unable to remove it.  Since that section view would not be displayed on the second sheet, it was unwanted.


                              Clearly, the best way that I've found so far to add a redundant view is with the INSERT -> DRAWING VIEWS -> MODEL command which allows selection of any of the standard views, irrespective of whether they have been used or not.