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    Solidworks covers windows 7 taskbar

    Carlos Moreno

      This bug is killing me. I'm running Solidworks 2012 SP2.0 on a windows 7 computer. If I have auto-hide taskbar enabled in windows, when solidworks is maximized, it covers the windows 7 taskbar. The only way for me to access the start menu or switch to other applications is to alt-tab over to another application and then the taskbar will show.


      This is super annoying, and seems confined to solidworks only. If I have any other application maximized, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen shows the taskbar. Only Solidworks always covers the taskbar if it is the application or window in focus. I know Solidworks is merely covering the Taskbar because if I minimize solidworks, the taskbar functions correctly. I can even size the solidworks window so that it covers half the task bar when it is showing, and solidworks stays on top of it.


      The workaround I'm using now, is just to show the taskbar all the time, but I don't want to have to give up the screen real estate. Does anybody else have this problem? Maybe there is an obvious fix I'm just not aware of. Maybe its a bug. Any help is appreciated.

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          Timothy Holman

          Hmmm. I am running 2012 on win 7 x64 and do not have this problem.  I can have SW maximized and go down to the hidden taskbar and it pops up. Are you on SP 1 of win 7?

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            Christian Chu

            I had this problme once a while since sw2010 - just shutdown the Sw and reopen and the problem seems to go away - still not sure it's my computer or a sw bug!

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              Martin Belef

              Same problem here.  I was running 2010, SP5 with no problems.  The Taskbar would always pop up like it's supposed to.  Now that I've upgraded to 2012, 2012 hides the Taskbar as it does with you.  If I drag the bottom of the SW window up a bit, I can see the Taskbar pop up behind SW, so I know it's working.  SW just won't allow it to be seen.  And as someone suggested, I can Alt-Tab and switch to another application and then the Taskbar will pop up like it's supposed to.  This is an obvious problem with Solidworks and it's very annoying as I always keep my Taskbar hidden to maximize my screen space. 


              I'm running Window 7 Pro 64 bit with 12 gigs of ram and an nVidia graphics card. 


              Oh, and just for the heck of it, I booted my older version of SW 2010 and with 2010, the Taskbar works as it should.  It's only a problem with 2012.  (Maybe 2011 for all I know, but I skipped that version.)


              Hawkridge Systems was unable to help me with this and the guy I talked with wasn't even aware of the problem.  Then, with a little research, he found that it has been documented and an SPR has been filed with Solidworks.  I sure wish Solidworks would get on the ball and solve this. 



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                Kevin Pymm

                I don't have this issue with SolidWorks, I'm using 2012 service pack 3, but I do get the same problem when using iTunes & another program I use called ThumbGen. It's very annoying & I wish I could find a solution for all programs.

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                  John Sweeney

                  Hi Guys,

                  It's not great, but one workaround I've found that you can use until this bug is fixed... If you're using the Classic Windows theme and the autohide desktop taskpane won't show itself, if you briefly switch to another running program using Alt+Tab then the taskpane will auto-show itself if you move your mouse to the edge of the screen.  This prevents you from having to unmaximize the SolidWorks window.


                  We will fix this issue as soon as possible.


                  Best Regards,


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                      James Bach

                      I too detest the new Windows7 "aero" themes and switched back to the "Classic" theme . . . and also have the annoying "SolidWorks blocks the auto-hide TaskBar" problem . . .


                      To get to the TaskBar I've just been pressing the "Windows" key (bottom left, between "Fn" and "Alt" on my lap-top) . . . which pops-up the TaskBar and the Start menu . . . and then instead of doing something on the Start menu I do whatever it is I was wanting to do with the TaskBar . . . like switch to another app or launch an app from the QuickLaunch bar.  Not a great solution (like SW fixing their bug), but, better (faster/easier) than alt-tab'ing to another app.



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                          Martin Belef

                          I thought I had the problem cured when I switched from Classic mode to the Windows 7 Aero themes.  It worked perfectly for a number of weeks.  Now it's acting up again and I have to resort to other actions.  'Didn't know about that "Windows" key, though.  That's a good enough workaround for me, at least for the present.  I'm used to using Control-Tab and other key functions with Solidworks, so hitting that single key to bring up the bar is not that big a deal.  It'd be nice if Solidworks fixed the problem, though.

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                        Greg Zajba

                        I've seen this on multiple computers since about SW 2012. Still not fixed in SW 2016 on Windows 10.