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    Boundary Boss/base

    Pedro Benlloch

      I don't really see the reason being, the benefit of this feature.


      I'm afraid I don't really understand how it works...


      Could you please provide me some good sample (Solidworks 2011), where to be used "boundary boss/base"  ????

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          Hi Pedro,


          As the name implies, Boundary Boss/Base is used for creating solid material with the boundary feature and is the "solid" equivlent of the Boundary Surface; in otherwords, if you want to create a solid boundary feature - i.e. two closed profiles for the 1st direction, then you use the Boundary Boss/base feature verses the Boundary surface. Boundary Cut is, as the name implies, a  creating a boundary feature for the purpose of cutting.





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            Matt Lombard

            Boundary solid is like a loft, but works better. You need multiple profiles (sketches), and the feature will interpolate the shape between the profiles. You can set end conditions like normal to profile to control the shape, or you can add guide curves. In the example below, I made a rectangular sketch and a circular sketch, and you can see that the Boundary feature creates intermediate profiles changing the shape from square to round.


            Loft features can do some things Boundary can't, like centerline loft (centerline is a guide curve that doesn't touch the profiles), and closed loop loft without a closed loop guide curve.


            If you're a beginner to complex shapes, there isn't much of a difference between the two.


            The Boundary solid isn't really used that much in comparison to the Boundary surface. At least in how I use them.


            Finished part using the feature above, including feature manager: