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    MODO - Are any of you using it with SW.....?


      Just curious.


      It was presented to me as the favorite 3D Software for Animation & Games.


      I have been playing with a demo & I am not seeing anything to get excited about.


      I started my 3D career with Auto Desk Mechanical Desk Top - Had almost no Problem switching to Inventor - And for the last 2 years have been working mostly with SW.


      I like SW - It works great for me.   This mite sound funny, but the way I design, build, model & assemble in SW makes complete sence.   I can model the same way as I would machine, saw or carve up a part.


      The Modo tutorials I have done seem like WAY to much work to make shapes Less acurate than I can easily model ( and edit ) in SW.


      Maybe I am missing out on something.


      Any other comments or experience's welcome.


      Rich Pauza

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          Anna Wood

          Depends on what you are modeling.  Are you doing prismatics or organic shapes?


          Are you modeling for the CGI industry or for actual manufacture of product?  If it is highly organic and does not need to be a technical, mathmatically defined shape then Modo works well.  In Modo 601 you will be able to do model/surfacing in Modo and bring into SolidWorks to complete the design.


          Do you do rendering and animation that needs to go beyond what SolidWorks PV360 can offer?


          If SolidWorks is working for you then keep using it.





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            Adrian Velazquez

            I think for SW Users Modo is just an Advanced Rendering and Animation tool (Unless you want to do some really complex organic shapes).

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                RICH PAUZA

                Well - I model steel work holding dies for grinding machines - or race car frames - or air craft parts - mold components - sometimes sculpture - Sometimes just simple profile templates - somtimes large machine assembly's.


                More rendering than PV360...?  - No not really,  


                With Modo I was Just looking to add to my skill set.


                Thanks Anna.


                When you say complex organic shapes, you mean out side of what I can surface.....?    Not really.  Well, lets say not yet.


                I get what your saying Adrian  - thanks

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                Josh Mings

                The integrityware/modo (sub-d to nurbs) functionality in modo will be great for those doing a bit of organic modeling with need for finishing off with dimensional accurate features. that, and the swkit make it a good option for sw users needing a modeler that provide a bit more freedom. Still depends on what you're modeling, but I know quite a few SolidWorks users who have it in their pipeline.