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Thermal Fatigue Analysis

Question asked by Max Morse on Feb 17, 2012

Hi, I am trying to run a thermal fatigue analysis (in Simulation 2010), between -15 and 70 C. I am pretty sure the best way is to run two thermal studies, each with a temperature load at their respective temperature, then running the analysis (which predictably shows everything at the input temperature). Then I couple each of these studies in to their own seperate static study, using the Thermal study as the external load, and run. Then I couple those two static studies into a single fatigue analysis. Here I create an event with "Find Cycle Peaks" as the loading type, and input the two static studies, and then run that analyis.


Is the the correct approach? I am having a difficult time knowing because such a small temperature change will probably not effect the model (mostly Stainless Steel). However everything is the exact same value in the life and damage plot.


Thanks for any help.