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Serious issues with toolbox

Question asked by Manuel Silveira on Feb 17, 2012

Smart fasteners used to be such a time saver but now it's become a time waster because of all the errors it produces. I now have to check all my hardware very carefully to prevent errors. Some of the errors are so bad they can't be fixed Solidworks just crashes. I now refer to them as dumb fasteners.


In example 1 (see attached PDF), I selected countersunk hole which was made for a #0-80 screw. The threads in the mating part are for a #0-80 x .125 long screw. Notice how Solidworks only made one screw the correct length and all the others are too long and would never work.


In example 2 (see Attached PDF). I have two parts which have clearance holes for a #0-80 screw. The threads in the mating part are for a #0-80 x .125 long screw. I selected all 4 holes on the parts and then added smart fasteners. Solidworks created two groups, group 1 is fine, I got exactly what I expected a #0-80 x .125 long screw. Group 2 however completely messed up. I got a #0-80 x .125 screw and a #1-72 x .125 screw, even though all the geometry is identical. To make it worse when I try to edit the smart fasteners in the bad group Solidworks crashes.


     I am running Solidworks 2012 (the buggiest version ever, and I have been using it for 15 years) SP02 with toolbox installed on my local machine on a Windows 7 Dell Precision T3500 PC.


Please, Please, Please, Solidworks. Cancel any plans you have for Solidworks 2013 and give us a stable 2012 instead!!!!


Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of problems?