Animate an Extrude

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 24, 2006
The trick is to define the sketch for the tube in the context of the assembly.

The attached has a movie showing a tube changing length. The is the demo assembly and parts (SW06).

For this demo, I created an anchor part. The only critical feature on this part is that it have a face.

I dropped a pair of these anchor parts into an assembly and mated them at a distance from each other.

I then created the tube part in the context of that assembly. The tube is just a revolved sketch in this example, but could be anything, as long as the ends of the tube are constrained to faces on the anchor parts.

When the distance between the anchors change, the sketch updates to the context of the "new" assembly.

To make an animation, just selet a time, double click on the distance mate between the anchors and enter a value.

Don't set the distance to zero, or the sketch will be unhappy.

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