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Right click to open sub assemblies

Question asked by Kirk Oden on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by Kirk Oden

I have a top level assembly with about 10 or so sub assemblies in it. Is there a way to right click on a part in the top level and open the subassembly that contains it?


For example. If my top level has a number of conveyors I want to be able to right click on one part, like one of the drums or the conveyor pan, of the "infeed conveyor" and rather than opening the piece part I clicked on, I want to have an option to open the whole "infeed conveyor" assembly. I know this can be done by going over to the tree on the left but it can be time consuming finding the sub assembly and opening it that way if everything is not minimized.


If this is not a feature currently, is there any chance DDS would consider adding it?


Thank you,

Kirk Oden