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    2012 error message failed to save document

    Stephen Mankiewicz

      is anyone experiencing a "Failed to save document" message when trying to save or save as?

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          Chan Mun Yung

          yes, quite often but this problem never occurs in Win XP, at least I never encountered this before for 1 year I'm using it.

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            Hadleigh Murad

            Yes, never had this problem with SW2011, only 2012, this is b*llocks, my assemblies always get messed up and im getting loads of grief from it.


            My previous thread was about invisible assemblies/dissapearing components, which initially comes from failing to save a document because of a crappy network error, which apparently, our server never goes down.


            It starts off with:


            Failed to save document


            Connection was lost to file during this session...


            Failed to open...(file)


            Havent found a solution and everyone keeps saying to save to my local drive, but im not going to discuss that here and i dont have permission to save anywhere other than the network drive.  This needs to be sorted, receiving the blame is getting old.

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                Jay Johnson

                I just started getting having this issue after going from SW2012 to SW2013. I have been working on an assembly and using the cavity feature to remove some material from a "Molded" part. Then I closed the assembly and worked on the part by itself and tried to save it. I got the error message again. I kept saving untilI didn't get the message again. So I go and close the part file and re-open it only to find that it is now corrupt and will not open. Tried to open the assembly and I get the same message. The Assembly opens...minus the overmold part that is corrupt. I have to re-create my overmold part and re-insert it into my assembly.


                I DON"T like having to do my work multiple times.