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Dell M6500 with Quadro 3800M screen/output fails

Question asked by James Canney on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by Robert Waghorn

Hi all,


My Dell 6500 with Quadro 3800M is causing great issues.


After booting the laptop, after a while (anywhere from 5mins to 3hours) the screen/display just shuts down. This happens when connected to an external display or not. When connected to an external display, this also shuts off as well as the laptop screen, the computer is still running but have to hard shutdown as there is no display whatsoever.


Dell have so far replaced the Mboard, graphics card, processor and heat sink all to no avail, although we traced it to the graphics as running it with onboard graphics works fine. Have installed vitually every graphics card driver both from Dell and Nvidia available, all have the same failure.


Have also tried swapping power supplies and battery, but without success.


We run two other identical machines with the same software without the same problem.


Specs are:

Dell M6500

Quadro 3800M


Core I7

Windows 7 64bit

Solidworks 2011 SP5


Just wanted to know if anyone has seen these issues before, or got any good ideas about what I can try next.