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What drives Solidworks recent documents?

Question asked by Daniel Herodes on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Erik Bilello

What drives the list that solidworks (2012 x64 sp2.0) generates of recent documents?

It is obviously not windows (in my case XPPro x64), since when i open up my recent documents (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Recent) the list does not match what is shown in the solidworks recent documents (File > Browse Recent Documents).


When working on a project on a daily basis i tend to open up the same development assembly, lets call it "B.sldasm". I place it as a subcomponent in another assembly, called "A.sldasm." I work on both and save them both and close at the end of the day. The next day I look at my recent documents and only see A.sldasm, and mabye some subcompoents to B.sldasm listed. A.sldasm has some other components in it that I dont nessasarily need opened, but i have to open it to get at B.sldasm. The new 2012 version of solidworks has this nice new feature to pin recent documents to the list but that only works if I can get B.sldasm to show up in the list, how do I do that?


Granted i could just open the document from its file location, but it would be nice to just launch it straight from the application. I have seen a request for the recent documents to work correctly from a year ago but it seems there has been no advise or improvement. Am I missing something here?