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    Solidworks-Abaqus Associative link import issues

    Murat Ali

      Hello all,


      I have an assembly of two parts, and one of them successfully imports into the abaqus via the Solidworks-Abaqus Associative interface link, however the other one is "skipped" according to the Abaqus process report.


      The only difference I can see between the two parts in the Solidworks assembly, is that the one that exports to abaqus has a " (f) " for the part name in the part tree and the one does not export successfully has a " ( - ) " in the part name. I am not sure what this means and I would appreciate on how I can get around this problem, I wanted to avoid importing the same part again as I have used on of the parts to perform a boolean cut of the other part, so wanted to avoid moving or replacing this part.