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    SolidWorks freezes when try to create new file or open existing one

    Panayiotis Andoniades

      Hello all,


      As the title says my SolidWorks freezes when I try to create new file or open an exciting one.


      My version is SolidWorks Student Edition 2011-2012, 32bit.

      I am running Windows 7 32bit with all the latest windows updates, including Win 7 SP1.


      I have to mention that the program used to work just fine on my machine and last month when I tried to open an existing file it just freeze.

      I tried to download updates from SolidWorks web-page but I am not allowed to do so because I don't have an active subscription.


      Also, last week I format my PC, install a fresh version of windows 7 32bit with all windows updates and then installed

      SolidWorks but the software is still freezing when try to open a file or create a new one.


      Please let me know if you need any more specifications to assist me in my problem.


      I would appreciate any help


      Thank you very much

      Panayiotis Andoniades