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Photo view bug list

Question asked by Geo Hagen on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Joseph Ankers

Hello everybody,


I was thinking of making a list of bugs or know issues of Photoview.

And check if there are known SPR numbers for these problems.


There are some things that are not working from SW2010 till 2012.


My firts items:


Floor popping up random.


When chancing from camera view to standard view the perspective view is active.


Bad camera view (some parts are not visible).

In my opinion this happens when you change your asm/part after the camera view is created.

I'm not sure.


Bad quality shadows in some situations.(rendering and animation).


Ability to set "this configuration" fixed in apperance>color/image in stead of "all configurations ".

Every time you open SW this option is set back to all configurations.

When you forget this option you can damage all your apperances in the configurations.


Pop up view of final render doesn't "hide" behind new clicked window.

You always have to shift the final render view or minimalize the pop up view.

preview view pop up works o.k.




Geo Hagen


SW 2012 sp2

dell precision M6400