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    Adding Web Server

    Jonas Polfliet



      I configured the EPDM and everything is working on a users (workstations) aswell.

      When i try to add the web server, then it asks for the loggin:


      I tried every user that is configured in the EPDM (same as Active Directory) but this doesn't work.

      How can I add it?


      Extra question: Is it possible to export drawings/documents to a Sharepoint website?

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Please follow through the steps provided in the Adminstration tool


          Help>Webserver guide, This will help you to configure the webserver.




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            Ravi Teja

            Hi Jonas,

                          Did you Configure Webserver?

            1. Setup IIS

            2. Creting a virtual Directory

            3. Add user to the group called "EPDM Administrative Group".

            4.Adding web server in EPDM admin Interface.


            It will asking you the password of the machine you have EPDM Server on.and also the user name and passwors you enter should be addedto EPDM Administrative group of windows.


            Go through the administrative manual.




            Ravi T