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Can't check-in after adding reference - API

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by Wayne Matus

I'm trying to use a VBA macro to set a reference between two files and it works, but once the reference is created the macro fails when I try to check the referencing file back in.  This method worked in my test macro but fails when I include it in to a working spreadsheet file.  Here's the pertinent code.  The vaultMain object is already instantiated and logged in and the string variables have legitimate path/filename values.


Error Checking in after reference.jpg


I'm not sure if there's a conflict because of having both an iEdmFile8 reference and an iEdmEnumeratorCustomReference5 reference based on the same file... the former is needed to checkout/checkin the file and the latter is needed to add the reference.


Any ideas?


CORRECTION NOTE: The first annotation in the code image should read "FILE CHECKS OUT SUCCESSFULLY"


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