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imported assembly problem

Question asked by John Kreutzberger on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by John Burrill

I reported this in the assembly section but I now know it is an import problem so will try to generate some interest here as there were no replies to my original post and the problem persists.


Any imported assembly-parasolids or step -when imported to SW will import all of the parts and create an assembly. I then can save it. However if I close it and then try to re-open it, SW tells me it cannot find the parts and everything is suppressed. I looked into what was happening right when I saved it and found that if I look at the references the dialog box will tell me `file not found' right there is the references dialog of the save screen. I tried browsing to all of the files and populating that field in the references section before saving, but that did not work. Upon re-opening the assembly SW still cannot find the parts. This with SW2012x64, sp2 on Win7. What is interesting is that I have 2012 installed on my laptop for use when I travel and all is well over there. That is an older XP machine using SW2012x32, sp2. Furthermore, if I import the assembly on the laptop, save it and then drag it across the network to the 64-but workstation then it is fine. Finally, I also have SW2011x64, sp4 on the workstation. I can open the imported assemblies with 2011 and save them. Then close 2011 and start a session of 2012 and the imported assembly will open with no problems.


It is just when importing it and saving in SW2012x64 that I cannot re-open the assembly. I have reported this to my VAR but it has apparently dropped into a black hole. I have sent follow-up e-mails after sending files and this descroption of events and have gotten no response. Either confirmation or statement that they are not seeing the issue would be appreciated, but that has not happened yet. I looked into my options for search path, but that appears to be correct. All other settings on the 2 computers are identical.