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Home Use License Questions

Question asked by Rafael Rios on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Mark Athey

I currently have a home use license for my company's SW2011 installed at home working perfectly. We now have SW2012 at work and asked our Network Admin for a disk to upgrade my existing 20111 to 2012 so that my work system and home system have the same software for working at home some nights and weekends. Unfortunately he does not remember what he needs to do to get the Home Use License (HUL) to work since the first time around he was walked thru it over the phone by a support member from Solidworks Company.

He would call again to get support, but our company just recently dropped the service subscription support to save money. Therefore he doesn't remember what to do and yet I am still in need of getting the same software at home as in my office so that work can continue for short-turnaround projects.


We have done searches for help but haven't found any step-by-step for network admins controlling the SNL server, to create a Home Use License disk containing the correct serial number (which is different than the SNL server serial number) for a new installation or upgrade at home, to go from my current HUL SW2011 to an HUL SW2012.

Can anyone here help us with this type of instruction?

I will make sure he writes it down this time and keep a copy for myself should he lose it.