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Prevent User from Renaming a file in the Vault, Save as

Question asked by Laura Whittle on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by Laura Whittle

We currently have a dispatch that renames a file to a serial number during add, however a user can overide and change the name, by right clicking and renaming.  We could have the dispatch do this when it is checked out, or put through a transition also, however if the document isn't touched after the rename this won't happen.


Is there a way to prevent a user from right clicking and renaming the file?


Also if a user clicks a file and saves as, the file will keep the same serial number, and keep whatever the user names the file, which pops up an error, but once you press ok it generates the file. If we copy and paste a file into the vault, a pop up asks us if we want to generate a new serial number?


Is there a way to get the pop up for generating a new serial number when a user saves as or preventing the save as?