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Create PDF add-in dropping entitites in PDF file

Question asked by David Heverin on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by David Heverin

I have been using the Create PDF add-in in EPDM for almost a year now.  Initially it worked very well.  I set my workflow to create a PDF file for drawings whenever they changed from an "edit" state to a "build" state. 


Suddenly, the PDF files were being created but the drawing entities did not show.  The dimensions and drawing formats would show, but no actual part/assembly.  That was corrected by finding some code (here) and adding it to the create PDF routine.


Recently, a new variation on this theme has shown up.  A few days ago I made an assembly drawing and made the workflow transition that would kick off a PDF creation.  It worked as predicted, except that some features that I had supressed (and did not show up in the drawing) showed up as visible in the PDF file.


In what may be a related issue, I am also having hidden annotations showing up in PDF files.  An example is a drawing file property in the format.  The "revision" property, for example, is not in the file properties list so it can show up as "ERROR!:Rev" unless the annotations are switched to not visible.



In the drawing file the error annotation is hidden and does not show.  In the PDF the hidden error annotation does show!


Any suggestions on what is going on and how to solve the problem?


Thanks in advance.