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Viewing JPEGS in WPDM poor Previews.

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Joseph Ankers

We are currently trying to control JPEG images within WPDM.


If you have PDF's in WPDM you get a "view" option in the document properties, and when you preview the document in solidworks explorer you get the Adobe "plug in" that allows you to have a great Preview.


The same happens with solidworks files, and E drawings,


However if you insert a JPEG (or any other Picture file type) you then you only have the preview, there is no View tab, and no “plug in” as such, resulting in a really poor picture quality when browsing the pictures in WPDM, you can “check out and open” the picture to access, but if you are wanting to flick thought 3 or 4 pictures then this is not really practical.


If anyone has any solutions or experience with this help would be great.


Thanks Joe