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Orthotropic material definition in axysymmetric FE

Question asked by John Boy on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by Paul Kellner

I am trying a 2D simplification of a composite laminate. I have defined smeared orthotropic materials that define the laminate plies based on CLT calculations so I can do a strain based assessment of a component.  I have two questions:


Can one orient the elements to a separate unique coordinate system? Do you have to assign that relationship at the geometry level? This is necessary if the in plane properties of the orthotorpic material is to remain consistent with the geometry.


When I assign the material properties to the orthotropic type, if I go back in to the material assign window it shows them back as isotropic. I can change it back to orthotropic but it does not stay. Does this matter? How do I tell simulation that the material is orthotropic? I figured by the material assignment. Any ideas?


I am seeing there is a definite limitation to analyzing complex composites in this code.