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Users should Never be able to use their Own templates (How to setup?)

Question asked by David Pais on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by Philip Lane

Hi Pros : Need your help :


I have a requirement to lock down the ability for users to use their own templates. This is an ongoing problem among our Solidwork users and is growing to be a bigger issue day by day.


Here's how far i have reached with this :

I did find a Discussion thread to invoke a batch file to point to a default Solidworks Templates Folder but even though this gets me close I still believe these users will start Solidworks, then add a new folder location under Systems Options, File FLocations then hit the new button and use their Own templates ....

here's the thread .....


this must stop ... is there any way i can prevent users from accessing the Add or Delete Button under System Options > File Locations

.. or is there any other way i can acheive this ?


thanks in adance for your help


We are using Solidworks 2011