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    Certified Solidworks Simulation Professional Exam

    Russell Saari

      Hey Everyone,


      Has anyone here ever taken the Simulation Professional exam? I am just wondering what to look for I know the sample (which I always do great on, but still doesn't always help)and the stuff they list on the website, but a lot of what is covered does not show up there. I am going to take it tonight hopefully, but just wanted to get some further insight of what I should know before taking the exam etc. Thanks for any help.

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          Kevin De Smet

          Yes, I have taken it. First thing to mention is you're absolutely right, it is a Simulation Professional exam. That means you won't have to worry about knowing any of the dynamic and non-linear capabilities of Simulation Premium, nor any of the Motion or Flow stuff neither.


          Secondly, it is a difficult exam in the details. I had to take it twice, the first time through for me the difference of one checkbox made me fail an entire question (my answer was completely different) and took a 16 point hit right there and then. Thirdly, don't think you have time to spare! the second time through I had it a bit easier on time, but the first time I was only just finished (and did not get to complete the final bonus question). So it's a catch 22 of "notice the details" and "don't go to slow".


          Things to know are linear static, thermal, frequency amongst things also it is good to know how to use beam and truss element models. If it's your thing (it isn't for me) there are also two hand calc questions but they don't weigh in too heavily on your point tally.


          One final hint: master plots and probing plots, this tip about hiding parts was something I wish I knew earlier, if you have the checkbox in the plot display options checked for "show only shown parts" or something like that, this work really great, because you'll need to plot specific parts of an assembly and it's a pain to do it with careful probing and such: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/144050


          Good luck!