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"Database not found" error

Question asked by Gordon Kistler on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by Paul Kellner

We have a model with two configurations and we are running four simulations on each configuration.  For efficiency, we set these up and ran them overnight.  All the simulations are in the same assembly file.  This morning we came in and we were able to view results for one of the configurations (4 studies) but when we tried to view the results for the other configuration, we get the pop-up "Database Not Found".  We've verified that the results files for all 8 studies are present in the same directory.  We've also checked to verify that the proper path is called out in the Properties for each of the studies.  We've changed the path in the study Properties to something else and then back to the proper directory but it still gives the Database Not Found error.  Any other suggestions?


We are running SW 2010, SP4.0.  (Yes, I know we are behind a little in our upgrades but our current customer requires us to use this version.)