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    Kitchen Cabinetry

    Chris Lindloff

      Does anyone use Solidworks for Cabintry design?  I do complex end user products at work, but simple boxes and assemblies are a whole different way of modeling at home.  I started doing an assembly with incontext parts for each cabinet.  Each of these parts is a long list of multibodies (which I may convert to sheet metal to get a cut list??)  I then created more parts for different components of a kitchen (countertops, walls, quick and dirty appliances).


      Does any one have an examples of how they have done this?  So far it is just basic cabinet boxes, I have not even started doors or drawers.  I worry that this might get out of hand quickly. 


      Also are there any sites for general 3D blocks to scale?  I have not looked into content central yet.

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          Weldments, weldments and more weldments. For a primer read up here: http://www.swtuts.com/?p=377


          I've done 2 decks at home plus a set of corner bookcases. Cut list worked great, especially for the decks. Very little wasted wood was purchased.



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              Aaron Baumgartner

              Weldments is the way to go i agree.


              I used it when i finished off my basement. i drew out each stud, piece of drywall. by the time i was finished i had less than 1 sheet of drywall extra, and less then 1 stud left over. 


              I also designed a couple closet systems for my house with it. may building them really easy.


              if you really want to do it the easy way export the drawings of each part to a dxf and find someone that has a cnc router 

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                John Faraci

                To Steve, Those are great looking cabinets. I was just thinking of making a corner cabinet just like the one you show. Would you have a model of that one that you could upload?


                Thanks in any case.

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                Dan Riffell

                You might look into DriveWorks as well.  I've seen some pretty impressive design automation for cabinetry done with that.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Good morning Chris,


                  Check with Jim Ustar, who is SW Mid-Atlantic Territory Sales Manager. I met him at our 2012 Roll Out Event and I remember him telling me there are SW clients using the software for cabinetry.  Maybe he could forward that info to you.







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                    Miguel Oliver

                    Hi Chris, did you contact Jim Ustar about it? What was his suggestion and did he forward you the necessay details? Would love to know as we will also learn something from it.


                    You can get a free 3D kitchen design here.

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                      Chris Zeien



                      Please check 3D Contact Central.  A couple of years ago I uploaded base cabinets of all widths and wall cabinets of all widths 30" high.  All the cabinets are driven by design tables.  Many people have found them to be useful.  All cabinets have 1 or 2 doors/drawers based on cabinet width.  Take a look.



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                          Chris Lindloff

                          I ended up doing each cabinet as a multibody part.  The parts were basically created in-context of an assembly.  This allowed me to view/hide different components.  When creating the parts I used a lot of "colinear" and converted edges to make sure door heights and such lined up.  Having these parts as multi-body I converted them to weldments.  I could then create "cut-list" which grouped like sized bodies together.  I never did find a way to to export an automated cut list of the overall sizes of each part; so I manually went into each part and "measured" the bodies, inputting this into excel speadsheets for each cabinet.  This created an Excel spreadsheet with a page for each cabinet, which I manually down for type of raw material (1/2", 3/4" plywood, solid face frame. . . . )  Then I could copy and past these values into another spreadsheet, which combined all the like materials into one giant cutlist (So I ended up with a page of all the 3/4" plywood parts, another page for all the 3/4" face frames and so on.)  This way I had a line item with a width and length with a label for every component needed to construct the cabinents.  This ended up being just about 500 indiviudal pieces.  At that time I cut everything to finished overall size, just working my way down the lists. 


                          I should also mention that I found a free online sheet goods optimizer, that allowed me to enter all the plywood sizes and a list of available sheets, this laid out every cut for minimal waste.  (for instance there were about 110 cut pieces of prefinished plywood for the sides, the software laid it all out to 9 overall sheets)  I was left with only a small pile of cutoffs left!


                          After having stacks and stacks of all the pieces cut, I then worked with my laptop in the shop, to view each cabinent in solidworks to lay out which pieces needed the proper grooves and holes machined.  So I machined all of these, sanded them and finally went on to assembly.  I created small stacks of everything that was needed to create an indivudal cabinet put them together.


                          I also used the same system to lay out all 47 doors/drawer fronts.  These each consisted of 4 rails and a solid wood panel)


                          Overall the system went pretty well, it was not parametric going into Excel, so I had to be pretty sure of the design.  The deisgn would update if I made changes before that, but the Excel entry was pretty manual.  In the end I think I only had to re-cut less than 10 pieces (I misentered the height of 2 doors)  It save me a ton of money buying sheet goods since it was so optimized (an I was even able to enter some odd 4'X6' pieces I got a deal on)  It also allowed us to lay out clearances with doors, and appliances and "measure" the acutal clearances.  My wife was thrilled and I think I completed the whole project in less that 3 months start to finish, just working on it at night and on weekends.  I was also able to pre-build everything before demolition, so we were only down a week or so.


                          Sorry for the bad pic, but if anybody would like to review my docs, let me know.  I have everything zipped into about a 10Mb file.  It was kind of fun to lay out for my specific use, but won't be much help anywhere else. (directly at least)  The other nice thing I think we compled the entire project, cabinets, hardware, flooing, countertops, sink, tile back splash, lighting for under $2500.  We used our existing appliances for now, but did buy a used microwave range hood.


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                          David Teichman



                          I did my whole kitchen in SW. Many of the cabin vendors supply their cabinets as step files. We used KraftMaid and just downloaded the cabinets from their site.



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                            Califf Chris

                            We use SolidWorks for Cabinetry, Custom Millwork, and Store Fixtures and Displays. We draw top down using in context references, and have a library of parametric cabinets that we adjust to size, or adapt to our current job. We do a lot of very complex assemblies that are one of a kind builds, but even within those assemblies we use a lot of parametric sub-assemblies such as drawers, sliding door systems, slatwall, kicks, etc. Follow the link below for a simple example of the method we use.




                            For examples of the type of work we produce, check out the Silver Star web site:




                            To get from a 3D model to Gcode at the machine, you need Pathfinder3D. There is a demo of that as well on the web site.



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                              Michel Cleark

                              I am just started using solidworks for designing my kitchen. I am using it for context references and resizing a shape of a cabinets. I heard that ther SW2013 is in news now. Does anyone have any update over this news?

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                                Jusuf Talac

                                I've found some great reviews on kitchen appliances here:




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                                  Miguel Oliver

                                  With the help of solidworks i am building my new kitchen. I have bought some ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and gonna install them next week.

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                                    Robin Peterson

                                    Hi Cris,

                                    Have you ever called www.allevaconstruction.com/ ? they gives free consultancy for Kitchen remodeling.

                                    In my opinion you should call it.

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                                      W. H



                                      you can use Mastechef for professional kitchen design. It is easy to use and much faster.