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Problem with login and local view

Question asked by Jonas Polfliet on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by Brian Dalton



We recently are trying out PDM solutions for our company.

Currently we are testing Solidworks Enterprise PDM solution.


We have two problems:

  1. Login problem: I added the domain users group.

                              In the Administration tool I can see that the groups and users are regconized.

                              But still I can't login the vault.

                              I thought it was a SQL Security problem, so added the domain users aswell.

                              But still when I try to login I get: "Could not log in to the database "Vault" on server "PDM".

                                                                             "Cause: The administrator has blocked your login name in this file vault."

                              What is still missing?

                              I can only login with the admin account. On PDM server as on clients.


2. Local View problem: When I open with the admin account the Vault in Item explorer I created two folders.

                                   Now when I open the Vault in Windows Explorer I don't see these folders. Also when I created a folder here, I don't see it in Item Explorer.

                                   Why? Shouldn't it be one - on - one?


Kind regards.