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    Problem with login and local view

    Jonas Polfliet



      We recently are trying out PDM solutions for our company.

      Currently we are testing Solidworks Enterprise PDM solution.


      We have two problems:

      1. Login problem: I added the domain users group.

                                    In the Administration tool I can see that the groups and users are regconized.

                                    But still I can't login the vault.

                                    I thought it was a SQL Security problem, so added the domain users aswell.

                                    But still when I try to login I get: "Could not log in to the database "Vault" on server "PDM".

                                                                                   "Cause: The administrator has blocked your login name in this file vault."

                                    What is still missing?

                                    I can only login with the admin account. On PDM server as on clients.


      2. Local View problem: When I open with the admin account the Vault in Item explorer I created two folders.

                                         Now when I open the Vault in Windows Explorer I don't see these folders. Also when I created a folder here, I don't see it in Item Explorer.

                                         Why? Shouldn't it be one - on - one?


      Kind regards.

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          Wayne Matus

          Problem 1, Have you actually added the users to EPDM and assigned permissions for them? If they are added, check their Administrative Permissions. Make sure "Block login" is unchecked.


          Problem 2, Item Explorer is completely separate in EPDM. Items in EPDM are not really documents. They are just records in the database to hold information. That being said, they do not really have folders either. So you really did not create any folders in EPDM.

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              Jonas Polfliet



              Thanks for the response.


              Problem 1: Solved, I don't know how but I mutliple groups where the same users was in. In some groups the permissions were not configured yet. I cleaned them up and everything is working thanks.


              Problem 2: I did a little test created on the vault 1 folder and it became visible to theother aswell. But like you said not item explorer. I'm still a little bit confused. And it raises a few other questions:

                   What is perpose of the item explorer?

                   You say there is just records, what do you mean with that?

                   What is the difference between an Item and a folder?


              Kind regards.

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                  Wayne Matus

                  I will try to explain item explorer the best I can. It is a complicated subject.


                  You get Item Explorer only when you choose the option during your install of the client software. Items is the complicated subject. Most companies do not use them. The main purpose of Items is another way of creating BOMs. The Computed BOM in EPDM uses the components in the SolidWorks Assemblies that are in the EPDM vault. What do you do about things that you do not typically have a component for such as Grease? One method is to have a blank component file that you add to the Assembly either as an external file or a virtual component. Another method is to save the computed BOM as a Named BOM and manually add the Grease to the named BOM. The third option is to use Items. You would create a Grease Item in Item Explorer. In your vault view (Windows Explorer) you can select the assembly and "Generate Items". This will generate Items for the assembly and all of the components. These Items can be viewed in Items Explorer. In Items Explorer you can add the Grease Item to the other Items for the Assembly to generate the BOM.


                  The developers decided to make the interface for Items separate from the Vault View (Windows Explorer). The reason I heard was that people that would put together Item BOMs do not necessarly need access to the vault. Whatever the reason you have Items Explorer for managing Items and Vault View (Windows Explorer) for managing files.


                  So that is what I meant about just a record in a database. In my example, the Grease Item does not have a file in the vault associated to it. It is just a record in a table in the database that stores information about the Item.


                  I am not trying to tell you that you should use Items. Each method of creating BOMs has their own issues. You should contact the company that helped you implement EPDM on which method you should use.