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SW forces un-needed file saves

Question asked by Gregory Page on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by Gregory Page

Is there any way to stop SW from insisting on saving parts/sub-assemblies when nothing in them has been updated during the session?  The most common situation is to open a part, open a sketch to check a dimension, exit the sketch without saving the (non) changes.  When you go to close the part SW insists it needs to save the updated part.  If I do a reload on that part then close it SW then insists it needs to save the (non) changed assembly.  You can't actually uncheck the sub-assembly from the check list in the save information box, which makes having a check box even there seem pretty pointless. 


Sometimes I can open an assembly, do nothing to anything in it except rotate to view it, and on closing SW will insist it needs to save one or more of the sub-assemblies.  I've submitted this through the system as a bug, but of course heard nothing about them fixing it.