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Composite Analysis Question

Question asked by John Boy on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Paul Kellner

I have a question about modeling a composite structure. I have a lot of experience modeling composite structures, in particular filament would pressure vessels using Ansys, so I am trying to apply what I know using that code with SW. We have the premium simulation so the composite module is available. I have a fairly simple layup that has been evaluated using lamination theory, and now I would like to extend that analysis into 3D to help with the geometry effects, ply termination and more complex loadings. I have modeled each of the layers individually as revolved surfaces opposed to one surface containing all of the layer data. I am having issues with the surface to surface contact. Using the global bonded contact the surfaces pass through each other. The surfaces are positioned at the midplane of the lamina, so there is a gap. I am am in the process of trying the no penetration option applied globally. I do not have the results yet. Has anyone had any luck or suggestions with surface to surface contact? I am going to try some simple studies in the mean time, but thought I would start by asking.