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Cannot open newly created assemblies

Question asked by John Kreutzberger on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by John Kreutzberger

Well, I suppose the title is a little mis-leading. I can open the assembly but all of the parts are suppressed. I am using SW2012x64, sp2 ; Win7. Older assemblies created in earlier versions open with no problem. However, when I create a new assembly totally in 2012 and then try to re-open it after saving-even in the same session-it tells me that it cannot find and of the parts. Everything is in the same folder, but SW cannot find it. I reactivated the message that tells me that SW cannot find part `x'-would I like to find it myself. I browse to the part, click on it and nothing happens. I just keep clicking endlessly on the same part.


I noticed this yesterday with an imported assembly from a step file and wrote it off to a glitch with imported geometry. Then today I created a new assembly in SW and saw the same thing. I will say that the parts are imported, but have been previously saved in SW.


What is interesting is that 3 weeks ago, I loaded 2012 on my laptop to check things out and all was working fine. That is a 32-bit XP machine. I just dragged everything across my network here at the office from the 64-bit workstation to the 32-bit laptop. Fired up SW on the laptop and that same assembly opened without a problem.


I have been using SW since 1998 and have never encountered a corrupt installation. I must admit that I always thought that answer was a last-ditch cop out. We'll see if I need to eat my words on that one.


I have already gone through my options from machine to machine and everything is set identically on each installation of SW. Advice anyone?