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Batch print with scaling option

Question asked by James Bailey on Feb 10, 2012
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I took one of my company's old jobs to reprint and what could be a better way than to use SolidWork's Task Scheduler. They all printed, though one issue arose: whoever last worked on this job set quite a few of the drawings scaling to 100% and since SolidWorks saves print settings per drawing, that's what was printed off was a zoomed in view of nearly 30 drawings. I went to reprint thinking I could simply batch print again and just set the printing options to "scale to fit" just like I would to set it to landscape or portrait view, but Task Scheduler doesn't have that function. After rigorous online searching I came across Batch Print SW (2012) and it had all the options I needed. It gave me the ability to set the scaling size of my drawings which is just what I was looking for. After adding all of my files, I went to batch print, but an error message came up stating that I needed to download the version of Batch Print to match my SolidWorks version. I downloaded Batch Print 2012 and I'm running SolidWorks 2012 (as confirmed through the about SolidWorks settings)!


Is this just an omen that SolidWorks and all of CAD hates me, or is there some willing soul able to free me from this catasrophe?





I've tried setting the system settings on my computer. Set the default printer with the default settings to fit the page that I'm downloading and SolidWorks ignore all of it so that it can maintain it's "per drawing" print settings..

Thanks for giving someone the freedom of choice Dassault!