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First injection Moulding design

Question asked by Jeff Cox on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by Jeff Cox

Hi guys.

I've designed my first project (Packaging Tray) which will be manufactured in injection moulding process. Until now I have been only dealing with Vacuum Forming  designs.

I have read a lot of about Injection moulding design guidelines etc. but I couldn't find suitable information which I could apply to my model.

(Tall supporting sections - Christmas trees). I have few concerns about this project.


My questions are:

Please can you advise me if this design will be mouldable?

If Not - what changes should be applied?

Also how can I perform stress analysis on this and similar complex models? (SimulationXpress failed with all possible mesh settings)


Attached file has been created on SolidWorks 2012. In case of incompatibility with older versions of SW I have also attached STP file.


Any feedback will be very much appreciated.