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SW will not create 64 bit admin image on 32 bit Win2003 SP2 x86 server

Question asked by Ralph Machesky on Feb 9, 2012

As the title states, seems it simply will not create the image.  What's weird is that it was able to do this before with no issues.  We do our downloads ok but then when I try to create the Admin images for install, only the x86 image gets created.  The installer yells at us for not having an x64 server code base and then it aborts creating the x64 admin image.  This worked fine up till SW2011 SP4.0  We were able to create the x86 and x64 images for SW2011 SP 3.0 with no issues. 


Since I cannot afford to go out and buy W2008R2 Server yet, We're stuck with the x86 W2003 SP2 server we have now.   Hopefully there is an easy workaround for this.

My users machines are pretty decent and we would like to get on SW2012 x64 images soon.  We cannot be the only ones who have run into this....